About Dao Lam

Service Co., Ltd. Dao LamDao Lam Company is a professional supplier and construction in the field of Insulation - Soundproof and fireproof. Our company was established with a team of experienced management staff in Sales, Trading and Construction Insulation
With a team of skilled technical workers, have the following experience and expertise, razor company always provide services and products with high quality and reasonable price.
We have experience in completing large projects insulation and complex schedule and quality.


- We have experience in completing large and complex insulating project schedule and quality.
- Dao Lam has hot and cold insulation construction for major projects in the factory: Food, Milk, Wine, Beer, Beverages, Textiles, Thermal Power, Fisheries ...


In addition, we also specialize in providing materials for the hot and cold insulation for civil and industrial use such as:

      + Rockwool.
      + Glasswool.
      + Air bubble
      + Ceramic.
      + Flexible Duct.
      + Calcium Silicate.
      + Polyurethane.
      + Vulcanize Rubber.
      + Glass cloth.
      + Other insulating fittings construction: foil, sheet zinc, aluminum tape, with


- Thermal insulation products are widely used in industry: Petrochemical plants, thermal power, metallurgy, processing, manufacturing, such as boilers, furnaces, ovens and other equipment exchangeheat ...

- There is also widely used in construction as insulation for central air conditioning, roof, soundproof and fireproof ...