Glass cloth

Glass fabric material is made ​​from very thin glass fiber (basalt fiber). Been used as reinforcement for many polymer products, synthetic materials, also known as glass fiber-reinforced polymer (ERP) or fiberglass reinforced Plastic (GRP).

The distinct characteristics of fiberglass insulation is not fire, no rot, no elastic, anti-corrosive, durable steel (Withstand traction 7400kg/m2)

Specification: 10 x 10 (8-10 m2/kg), 12 x 12 (10-12m2/kg)

Status: In rolls with two types of hard to 1000mm and 300mm


* Fire (slag of high-temperature soldering - 1000 levels drop).
* Flame spread: in the power cord.
* Sound: Building, Home Theater, Karaoke, Discotheque.
* Cracking resistance: concrete, walls, ceilings.
* Insulation: hot pipes or pipes need regular maintenance (as wrap straps).